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Latest Release: Butterfly Girl

Butterfly Girl is Marcie Brown's new CD, released in January of 2009. This classical-gypsy-circus-world-music includes guitarist Terrence Brewer, percussionists Katja Cooper and Steve LaPorta, vocalists Ramana Vieira and Ana Nitmar, and the Agave String Quintet using arrangements by guitarist Robin Lewis. There is also a guest appearance by pianist Kelly Park, and by six year old Isabelle Brown-Lyden, playing her cello and singing!

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PastTop Ten Listings

  • #1 New World Music Chart - WUMD, Dartmouth MA
  • #4 WUPX 91.5 FM, Marquette MI
  • #5 KWLC, Decorah IO
  • WCFM, Williamstown, MA
  • WSCA, Portsmouth NH
  • KAMP, Tuscon AZ
  • Top 30 - CJSF, Burnaby BC
  • #1 - Radio Phoenix, Phoenix AZ
  • College Music Journal New World Chart
  • WRUV, Burlington VT
  • WGDR, Plainfield VT
  • KRZA, Alamosa CO
  • KWCW, Walla Walla WA
"Butterfly Girl is a must have CD. Run; don’t walk, to your nearest record store. Or better yet, click your mouse and find Butterfly Girl online. This is an inspired CD from an inspired artist. Don’t miss it."
--The Muse's Muse
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"Marcie Brown is a cellist who plays with love and passion ... it’s an album full of creativity and adventure that goes beyond what one would expect from a cello-based album."
--This is Book's Music
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"With Butterfly Girl the cello has a delicious new sound... Brown's ability to delve deeply into any mode brings the cello's brooding sensuousness into new realms."
---JoAnne Tobias, Alameda magazine.
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What People Are Saying About Butterfly Girl

"Surprise, it looked like some singer/songwriter stuff, but, she’s really the cello player for Cirque du Soleil and that only scratches the surface of her credits and achievements. A delicate world beat set with cello out front and center in settings you might not normally think of, Brown and her instrument are one. The recording is a little dry but sounds much better in headphones than on your laptop making this an ideal choice for a sonic getaway when doing some dreaded exercise and you REALLY need to get away. Much more than brunch music, it’s deceptively simple, elegant and winning throughout."
---Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"Thanks so much for sending us Butterfly Girl. It arrived yesterday and I'm listening to it for the second time through now. I'm very excited - this CD is a treasure!"
---Jay Paul - World Music Director
WRUV-FM - Burlington, VT

"Butterfly Girl is amazing! I have listened to it three times since Saturday. It is so full of circus vibes and sorrow and funky rhythms and celebration of life, full of traveling, full of hope, and freedom…"
---Marie Marceau, former Cirque du Soleil musician, Quebec, Canada

"I will simply tell you your CD was spectacular!"
---Richard Brown, orchestra director and violinist, Green Valley, Arizona

"What a wonderful collection of songs you're releasing into the world. Mitch & I listened to it last night and just loved swimming in all those melodies & hearing the many versions of cello you brought to life."
---JoAnne Tobias, Alameda Magazine

"The album sounds great!! I'm so happy to be a part of it!!"
---Terrence Brewer, jazz guitarist www.terrencebrewer.com , Alameda, California

"I checked out your CD, Butterfly Girl and I loved it !!! I had forgotten what a bad ass you were on your instrument. Great songs, especially Caught in the Spell."
---Irving Louis Lattin, New York Blues Guitarist

"I love your new CD Butterfly Girl!! In my car...long ride to work..its awesome. Thanks Marcie....you rock !"
---Carol Bator, Howell, Michigan

"I have been enjoying Butterfly Girl in my car. It's terrific---lots of variety and fun. It's the perfect music to unwind to during my drives home after a long days work."
---Mary Wood, medical clinician, Detroit, Michigan

"I heard you on KPFA. I love your work! Please send me your new CD Butterfly Girl."
---Nanci Hattem, Cotati, California

"Thank you for the fine music!"
---Maureen O'Leary, Oakland, California

"I have listened to Butterfly Girl while driving and it is so soothing and haunting. What a joy to hear this."
---Barbara Wampner, Suzuki cello teacher and trainer, San Francisco, California

"I love your music. Thank you so much for Butterfly Girl."
---Shiva Merat, Sunnyvale, California

"I heard you interviewed on KPFA and was knocked out at your talent. I am ordering Butterfly Girl. Thanks, and keep up the beautiful work."
---Patricia Brabant, Fairfax, California

"I love your CD Butterfly Girl. You did a great job writing all the music and, of course, your playing is way beyond top notch."
---Barb Benedict, cellist, Kalamazoo Symphony, Michigan