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The Alameda Cello Academy holds semi-annual recitals for students to show off their progress to family and friends. Recitals are a great way to motivate students and performing builds our students' confidence.

The other benefit to holding recitals is the opportunity for students to hear each other play. Hearing beginners perform shows advanced students how far they have progressed since their first lesson. Hearing the more advanced students perform can inspire beginning students to become higher level performers.

Winter 2013-2014 Performances

Our Winter performances at the Water's Edge Lodge, Elders Inn, and at the ACA Recital were a treat. I was very proud of your performances. Thanks for giving to the community in such a great way! We are musicians and so we spread the love around to everyone. It's our job! (I heard Elton John say this once. He's right)

Waters Edge Lodge - 12/13/2013

Flaming Strings performing, featuring Isabelle, Tuki And Aerie.

ACA recital at Piedmont Piano Company - 12/14/2014

Miles plays with confidence, Marcie with the Jensen Sisters, and the Flaming Strings taking their fiddle tunes very seriously! Click to see larger photos.

Holy Names University Recital - January, 2014

ACA cellists performing - go cellos! :-)

Elders Inn Concert - December 2014

Maddy and Dawn performing.

ACA Student Performs at Carnegie Hall

Read the article and see photos from the American Prodigy concert

Spring 2013 Recital

Alameda Cello Academy held a kids' recital at the Piedmont Piano Company on Thursday, April 26th at 6pm.

Fall 2012 Performance Photos

Alameda Cello Academy students performed at Water's Edge Lodge Retirement Center on November 28,2012 at 3pm.

Spring 2012 Recital

Alameda Cello Academy held a recital at the Piedmont Piano Company on April 19, 2012 at 6pm.

Ole Joe Clark! You're in tune now Sam! Enthusiastic audience members at the Spring Recital at Piedmont Piano in April, 2012 Patrick and Andrew getting ready with their teacher

Fall 2011 Recital

Marcie and Katja at the Fall Recital on Sunday, October 30th at Piedmont Piano in Oakland. Students dressed as witches and vampires and all kinds of fun and spooky characters while performing pieces on cello, violin and piano.