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Reflections Over Brandy

Marcie Brown's new cello CD, Reflections Over Brandy

Listen to a sample track: Autumn in Michigan

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Critics praise Reflections Over Brandy

"This is a complicated album by a master of her realm. Marcie Brown OWNS the cello, the makes her instrument do things that may be illegal in some states – breaking walls and smashing genres, sometimes falling a bit off to the side, but more often than not, blowing the listener away with strong, REAL very listenable excursions that show a surprising range."
-Zeek Martin of KXUA - Published in the Arkansas Traveler

"...what Brown can do with a string instrument is simply godlike. It is beautiful, flowing, and sounds like pure audio bliss."
-Stephanie Trottier of TheCelebrityCafe.com

"'Reflections Over Brandy' could be about observing life and the world either through a drink or with a special someone, or both, and this album is able to do that well in a unique way.""

"Marcie Brown csellóművész új lemeze tradicionális és modern zene ízlésesen összeállítás keveréke, egy igazi meglepetéssel a kiváló zenész 5 balladaszerű számon énekel is."
-Muszeroldal.hu (In Hungarian)

"I am stunned by the remarkable CD and instrumental skills of Marcie Brown."
-Joost Van Steen, Jazz and Blues Tour Radio - The Netherlands

"Marcie Brown 'Reflections Over Brandy' is lovely, has a strong European feel, and is NICE!"
-Peter Kuller, Radio Adelaide - Adelaide, Australia

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