(c) Mitch Tobias

This is Book's Music

by John Book

July 25th, 2009

Cover of Marcie Brown's cd 'Butterfly Girl'

Marcie Brown is a cellist who plays with love and passion, as she shows us in Butterfly Girl (self-released), a CD whose cover is a photo of her daughter. Maybe it’s a reflection of her looking back at her youth, or to make music that her daughter would enjoy, but regardless of the direction, it’s an album full of creativity and adventure that goes beyond what one would expect from a cello-based album.

What you’ll hear on this album are hints of classical, jazz, pop, and in two instances an Indian influence with “India 2″ and “India 1″. It’s not just the music of someone in a room with a microphone and her instrument, one is moved to go with her on this journey and imagine how it would be to sense what she’s trying to create. “African Rain Dance” sounds like you’re being welcomed to an African ceremony, and watching Brown enter the circle to add a bit of herself to the worldly communication, one that doesn’t involve words.

In better times, Brown would be a musician whose talents would be used by a lot of today’s artists. I hope if anyone is reading this, that they’ll take time to buy this, listen, and use her for their own projects. She sounds like someone who is ready to go on new trips and in turn she’ll take you to new place or two. Continue the worldly communication.