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Marcie Brown
2765 Seattle Road
Alameda, California 94501

Marcie Brown's new music CD 'Reflections Over Brandy'

Reflections Over Brandy

Ms. Brown's new CD Reflections Over Brandy is a mixture of traditional and modern music: string instruments with rhythm section, classical music with reggae, rhumba and jazz.

The ballads of love and longing that occur between instrumental pieces are bittersweet and they bring new elements to Ms. Brown's music: her soulful singing voice and her ability to tell a good story.

"I am stunned by the remarkable CD and instrumental skills of Marcie Brown."

Joost Van Steen, Jazz and Blues Tour Radio - The Netherlands

Listen to a sample track: Autumn in Michigan

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Marcie Brown's new music CD 'Butterfly Girl'.
  1. Dancing with Nel and Joberto
  2. Butterfly Girl
  3. India 2
  4. Caught in the Spell
  5. Song of the River
  6. Lost in Isabelle
  7. Dancing with Strings
  8. African Rain Dance
  9. Love Chant
  10. Eli-Elah
  11. India 2
  12. What It Is Is

Butterfly Girl

Marcie Brown's new CD Butterfly Girl is out! The style is classical gypsy circus world ethnic, with musical influences from Africa, India, Brazil, and Ireland. Instrumentation is cello, guitar, percussion, vocals, mandolin and violin. Guest artists include Terrence Brewer, Katja Cooper, Ana Nitmar, Ramana Vieira, Steve LaPorta, and Robin Lewis and the Agave String Quintet.

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Read more about Butterfly Girl and read reviews Here.
Marcie Brown's jazz, new age, and classical music CD 'Night of a Thousand Rains'
  1. El Rey Del Vasilon
  2. Dark Canyon
  3. 4/28/96
  4. You Made Me Smile
  5. Night of a Thousand Rains
  6. The Squeeze
  7. For Long Remember
  8. An Hour a Week
  9. Cello Sonata
  10. Where Did the Time Go?
  11. Blood Song
  12. Mr. Pv

Night of a Thousand Rains

A CD of original compositions by Marcie and Terry Brown. It moves seamlessly through jazz, new age, and classical genres, and it sparkles with Latin, Indian and African influences. Marcie sings and plays the cello while brother Terry sings and is featured on the piano and guitar.

The Browns were joined by some amazing musicians to complete the project: Paul McCandless played saxes, oboe, English horn and pennywhistle, Bill Douglass was on bass, and John Blake lay down some soulful violin lines. You'll love this CD. Perfect for rainy day listening.

"Terry and Marcie Brown are brother and sister, but more than that, they are musical collaborators who work brilliantly off of each other, creating an eclectic album of surpassing beauty."
—New Age Retailer Magazine

"The melodies are gorgeous without ever losing complexity."
—Jazz Now Magazine

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Marcie Brown's CD of New York music 'Love Will Never Die'

Love Will Never Die

A lovely compilation of original ballads on which Marcie sings and plays piano and cello. This is music from her New York City days.

And love will never die, though time may pass us by I remember days within your reach and it makes me want to cry

A crimson moon will glow, and you my friend may grow Grow away from time and into time, but this love will never let go I remember days within your reach, and deep inside I know That love will never die

Sing a thousand love songs, look upon a million stars that stream across the sky But love will never die...

Listen to Love Will Never Die.

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Marcie Brown's audio book of her New York street music novel 'Four Part Harmony'

Four Part Harmony

"Marcie Brown's audio book "Four Part Harmony" is one of the romances of American history—it strengthens and excites that which is already in the heart."
—Dr. Yusef Lateef

Love story explores issues of race and class in a vibrant New York setting

Marcie Brown's first novel, Four Part Harmony, is read by the author herself on this wonderful five CD set. Lovely cello lines enhance the spirited reading, as well as live performances of the a-capella singers that this book was written about, from the streets and subway platforms of New York City.

New York, NY—The rich tradition of street music flourishes in New York City today. Artists perform in a variety of musical genres on street corners and in subway stations, blending into the intense energy of the bustling city. Marcie Brown, author and musician, knows this first hand. "I've played music in many venues, but some of the most vibrant and powerful performances I've ever heard have been on the streets of New York City," she says. "That many of these misfit musicians can come together, against all odds, to create a wonderful musical experience has always been amazing to me."

Marcie Brown's remarkable new audio book incorporates the vitality of street music to frame the story of a doomed relationship. In this gritty novel, Marcie Brown explores issues of race and class and does not flinch from the harsh realities of New York City urban life where artists perform in a variety of musical genres on street corners and in subway stations, blending into the intense energy of the bustling city.

We hear the story of Kara in Ms. Brown's own voice. When a young music student comes to New York City to study classical cello at the Manhattan School of Music, she discovers an a cappella singing group performing in the Village one day, and is entranced by the group's raw talents and beautiful harmonies. As she continues her studies at the conservatory, she is compelled to follow the group Cotton Candy around the city as they sing on the streets. She longs to somehow become a part of them, to join with them and to grow from the experience. She falls in love with Jackie, the lead singer, a passionate man plagued by his own set of demons. Although Kara and Jackie can come together within the universal language of music, Jackie's untamed ways are like nothing she has ever before encountered. She soon finds herself caught between two worlds, and she will have to struggle to retain her balance.

To enhance her reading of the novel, Ms. Brown has added soulful cello lines, as well as live excerpts from the very singing group that this book written about.


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