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Testimonials for Marcie Brown

"What Brown can do with a string instrument is simply godlike. It is beautiful, flowing, and sounds like pure audio bliss."
Stephanie Trottier of TheCelebrityCafe.com

"Marcie Brown is indeed a cellist of extraordinary talents"
Doug Edwards, KPFA radio/San Francisco

"Marcie's music is that of abiding interest for all of us who care about our listening experience."
Dr. Yusef Lateef, Grammy Award winner and Atlantic recording artist

"She performed nightly on her instrument magnificently and she amazed me with her brilliant interpretation of cello repertoire"
Roxanne Potvin, lead singer, Cirque du Soleil "O" show

"Marcie Brown's expertise in performance, improvisation, and as a teacher in both jazz classical idioms is one we sorely miss at UMA"
Don Stratton, Jazz Department Head, University of Maine

"Marcie is an amazingly inspiring and versatile musician." Marie Marceau, Cirque du Soleil "O" show, flutes and reeds

"Through my experiences with Marcie, I have become very impressed with her abilities as a cellist, vocalist, composer, and improviser..."
John Blake, Jazz violinist and string educator

"It was wonderful meeting & working with you. You blew us all away."
Saphir Blu

Reviews via Thumbtack.com

"I've had one lesson so far but Marcie is fantastic. I feel lucky that I met her on my first search for an instructor."
-- Kim H., 2/8/2015

"Marcie is a cellist with an unique background in classical, circus, and other genres of music. She has a great way with kids to get them engaged and put a smile on their face while they work through their Suzuki tunes, folk tunes, scales, and music that interests them. She doesn't let poor posture/technique slide but doesn't harp on it either, making corrections and focusing a child's attention on what their body is doing and then moving on with the music."
-- Bryan, 2/7/2015

"I love my lessons with Marcie! Her attitude is friendly, supportive, and positive in every way. She sets high standards for intonation and technique, and challenges me with the classics, theory, and improvisation. She's an accomplished cellist both as a player and teacher."
-- Judy N., 1/31/2015

"Great, flexible teacher with both jazz and classical training. Marcie swooped in and saved the day when my daughter's first cello teacher proved too rigid in terms of both material and styles. Marcie is especially a good teacher for you if you want the option of exploring more than just classical--although she's great at classical, too."
-- Juliet W., 1/23/2015

"Marcie has been teaching my daughter every week for five years. She is truly amazing! Her teaching method is fun yet challenging! I can't recommend her enough!"
-- Alison L., 1/22/2015

"Marcie is a very knowledgeable teacher and has the capability to develop musicianship in any adult or child. She is an extremely accomplished cellist and can describe and demonstrate how a person can improve musically. She offers constructive criticism and praises when a student is doing well. Her sense of humor and understanding of the demands on parents and students helps to keep everyone engaged without further discouraging when things aren't going swimmingly. It would take quite a bit of skill to outgrow what she has to offer when it comes to the cello. My daughter has benefited in so many ways through her lessons and relationship with Marcie."
-- Margaret M., 1/22/2015

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